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A Grinch Party

Pizza, cupcakes, juice, an emoija puzzle and a lively discussion. Tis was the end of the group session until January. The the girls were posed several questions to consider how they interacted with classmates. We used, How the Grinch Stole Christmas as a learning tool. Why was the Grinch so mean? Why did he have a small heart?  Why did he sabotage Christmas for others? These were questions discussed in the Black Pearl Group today.  Bullying, jealousy, a small heart contributed, no friends, etc. Nuggets left with the girls:

·        Show compassion and empathy to others.

·        Respect classmate’s cultures and traditions.

·        Share your joy.

·        Welcome others, regardless of differences.

·        Everyone has feelings.  Be understanding.

·        Invite the outsider into your circle of friends.



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