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Pitt County Family Development

We thank Ms. Diane Taylor, enterpretuer. Owner of Taylor Made Publishing Company. She shared with the Black Pearls her journey from New York to Morgan State University. She major in journalism and work for several newspapers, made good connections in the media industry but landed into publishing. She has a husband and two children, who are authors. They have traveled the world as a family, met leaders in many countries and supported her daughter as she won the Miss Preteen Crown. She encouraged the girls to study hard, stay out of trouble and dream. "Dreams do come true."

Representative Gloristeen Brown, former Mayor of Bethel, discussed her journey to the State House, Raleigh, NC. Rep. Brown discussed coming from a low income background. Her parents did not finish elementary school, but they instill a moral compact that has guided Rep. Brown life of service. She stated how she treats people with respect and she advocates for her constituents.

She provided the Black Pearls a package with a book from Dr. King granddaughter, and other girly items.

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