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Tammie Peterson, Greenville, NC

"I have enjoyed working with Pitt County Family Development Corporation, Inc.  They have provided knowledge, excitement and incentives to our youth group."


Our Mission is to provide services that will enrich and empower families.   

· To promote wellness and ensure the health and safety of all families through trainings and workshops.


What We Do

1.  Provide helpful information to families.

 2. Promote community events that will benefit children, youth and families · 

3.  Conduct group training and participate in health fairs.

4.  Advocate for families at municipal meetings.

5.  Attend community partnership meetings and work collaboratively with them.



Emerge through Professional Development and Training Services 

We offer:

• Workshops and group trainings tailored to fit families and other non-profits unique needs.

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Call us today! 252-258-3522


Freeman Consulting Group; a program of Pitt County Family Development Corporation, Inc. Is a personal and professional service providing seminars, designed for businesses, educational institutions, non-profits organizations to enable them to grow.


Our Clients EMERGE through Empowerment, Mentoring, Enrichment, Resources, Group interaction Educational programs.

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