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It's Okay to Care for Yourself

Take Care of Yourself

July is Mental Health Awareness Month.

We know that there are times when we are just not okay.  Please know that it's normal and it's okay.  We need to learn how to take care of ourselves, reach out to professionals if need be. 
Tchiki Davis, Ph.D., states that It’s so important to make sure you take good care of your body, mind, and soul every day, not just when you get sick. Learning how to eat right, reduce stress, exercise regularly, and take a time-out when you need it are touchstones of self-care and can help you stay healthy, happy, and 

Racism and Children of Color

Racism and Children of Color
According to American Academy of Pediatrics, “Racism is a socially transmitted disease passed down through generations.” racism is a pervasive social issue that plays a large role in the environment, children grow up in, the quality of their schools, the air they breathe, the water they drink.  Thus, Racism affects children physically, economically, emotionally, socially and in so many other ways. Children who grow up in neighborhoods exposed to lead, food, desserts, violence are more likely to engage negatively with the police, experience health issues such as asthma, obesity, childhood cancer and diabetes.

It's happening outside.

Be Healthy, Get Moving.
Grab the kids and take them outside.  Now is the time to get moving.  Run, jump, skate, dance, hike, swim, jog, walk, just do some physical activity. Drink plenty of water and take in the sun.  Make sure you use sunscreen lotion.  Make today a fun, healthy day.

Summer fun with a dose of safety

While school is out for the summer, it can be a great time to prepare your children for school in the fall.  The coming year will be a challenge for parents, teachers and students.  There is just a lot of uncertainty.  Will school open as we know it?  Will there be a schedule shift such as alternate days for half the class, a shorter day, etc.?

Now is the time to prepare your children for a different type of school experience.  Have your children been wearing masks?  If not, let them start wearing mask when they are out.

Be the Energy!

“Energy is contagious, positive and negative alike. I will forever be mindful of what and who I am allowing into my space.” Alex Elle

1.     Put on a smile, even when you are not feeling it.  People react positively to a warm smile.  It will pay dividends.
2.    Show gratitude and compassion to others and it will come back to you.
3.    Change your thought pattern.  Say A few Affirmations each morning  “Today is going to be a good day” Repeat this phrase over and over and you will see a shift in your day.

Happy Mother's Day

A Salute to Moms
You are awesome.  You do so much for the family.  We want to say "Thank you".

He will cover you with his feathers,
And under his feathers, and under his wings
You will find refuge;  his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.  Psalm 91:4


A New Day

A new day brings great opportunities.  A wise person once said, "The bigger the challenge, the bigger the opportunity". There is much truth in this statement.  We must have a brave spirit, go confidently into a situation and be willing to accept responsibility for the outcome. With this spirit, your potential is limitless!  Inhale opportunity and exhale the pain, doubt and fear of the unknown.  It's a new day!!


Your life is like a magnet.  We can attract positive or negative energy by the vibes we give out.  Happy people will attract happy people.  A smile often will come back to you with a smile.

Check your attraction. What energy are you producing? 

An Acquaintance Name Anger

I recently meet up with an old acquaintance name anger. He was self righteous, defensive and cantankerous. His justification for his negative attitude was that he was misunderstood. He stressed that he could not get a break, everyone was out to get him.  He cited problems at work, at home and even in his social network.  I quietly listened to him for a while, and then I spoke softly. I suggested that he calm down, talk slowly, think before he act. Then I continued:  People get angry for numerous reasons.