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Social Media: Friend or Foe?

Social Media:  Friend or Foe?
I decided to search my name on the web and I was surprise about the information that was out there.  It is giving me an opportunity to assess what I should keep in the public domain or reserve some information for private/personal friends to see.  Technology has created a means for people to sit at home and be connected to millions of people with the click and send bottom.  We can now share our feelings and frustrations about family, friends, co-workers, relationships, and a night out with the girls or guys, your imagination is the limit.

Coping with unemployment and the stress of it all

Coping with unemployment and the stress of it all

The unemployment rate is hanging around nine and a half percent.  This figure is even higher in minority communities. It’s normal to feel scared, lost, depressed and anger after losing a job.The stress of job loss and unemployment can take a toll on your health. It is important to take care of yourself. It means looking after your physical and emotional needs and managing your stress level.  Helpguide.org listed several tips to managing a healthy lifestyle while looking for another job: 

Done the Time, Paid for the Crime, Can’t Find a JOB! Ouch!

You have served your time, learned from your mistake and now you are trying to find a job.  Yet, ever where you go you cannot find a job.  At this point you are at a folk in the road.  You have options, although you are not feeling it right now.  You can turn to the right and keeping looking for a job, or you can turn to the left and make some quick money that possibly might land you back in jail.  Your decision is a measure of your character.  How you handle life challenges is a measure of how successful you will be.