Hang in there!
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Hang in there!

Have you ever felt you were hanging on a limb and you did not know how you got there or how you will get off that limb? To get out of this situation, you have to calm down, breathe slowly, and backtrack. Your super power is to stay calm.  You do not have to answer all of life questions at this point such as why me?  The immediate goal is get off the limb.
1.  Tell yourself that everything is going to be okay.
2.  Breathe.
3.  Stay focused.
4.  Do not look down, around, look up.
5.  Slowly take small steps to the base of the limb.
6. Again, stay focus. Listening is very important.  Do you hear someone who is supportive.  Someone who can cheer you on while not look down.  Just listen to positive words of encouragement.  
7. As you descend down, continue to breathe to steady yourself.  
8  Continue to do some positive self talk: "Everything is going to be okay."
9. Now put your feet on solid ground. 
10.You made it!  Now you can access your situation.  Do you need professional help, a support group, etc.  You decide.  What lesson did you learn?

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