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An Acquaintance Name Anger

I recently meet up with an old acquaintance name anger. He was self righteous, defensive and cantankerous. His justification for his negative attitude was that he was misunderstood. He stressed that he could not get a break, everyone was out to get him.  He cited problems at work, at home and even in his social network.  I quietly listened to him for a while, and then I spoke softly. I suggested that he calm down, talk slowly, think before he act. Then I continued:  People get angry for numerous reasons.  Anger is an internal reaction to a perceived external problem. People will never admit that they got angry for no reason. There is always something that the person perceived as "not fair" that triggers their anger.
According to ezinearticles.com/What-Causes-Anger? People get angry more often as their frustration tolerance lowers. This low tolerance level can be caused by a number of reasons, stress and/or anxiety, physical and/or emotional pain, drugs and alcohol, or simply having a bad day. All of these can lead to a lower frustration tolerance, and when people get angry it can result in unnecessary outbreaks. When anger is out of control it is similar to a person under the influence of drugs. The person's ability to rationalize is compromised and they act purely from emotion.
Anger is often the result of unfulfilled desires and expectations. If we have an unfulfilled expectation of a person we become angry and upset. The mind creates the expectation and imagines the fulfillment of the expectation. However, when the person or event does not match the expectation a pressure develops within, and the mind becomes angry.
Further, a person may create too many rules by which another person should live by. This leads to conflict when the other person does not act in accordance with their predefined rules. Therefore, this ideology leads to anger and can undermine a relationship.

Did my conversation make a difference with my acquaintance anger?  Perhaps not, but I do have hope. Anger drains the body and impact the mind.  Let's not be so angry.

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