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Human Trafficking: The Romeo Pimp
Thank You For Your Service!
Mental Health During Covid-19
Wisdom: You are never alone
Fearless: The Power of Her


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Human Trafficking: The Romeo Pimp

Human Trafficking
“I thought he loved me and then he sold me.” -Romeo Pimp Survivor
Human trafficking is the fastest-growing criminal activity in the world. The term refers to a bevy of acts that includes both forced labor and sexual exploitation. Many people think of the movie “Taken” when they think of young girls being sex trafficked. More than 100,000 children a year are forced into the sex trade, but this isn’t because of a massive kidnapping organization. Instead, it is because pimps now have easy access to children through the internet and cell phones.

Thank You For Your Service!

Lessons from the Field!

In honor of the veterans, we salute you and thank you for your service.  

When we think about our brave men and women, three things stands out.  They are disciplined, dedicated and determined.
Christina Olivera’s states, regardless of the pain, sweat and tears that come to a soldier to serve and survive in the harshest circumstances, discipline is what drives him or her forward.  Secondly, a soldier is dedicated to serving his or her country through thick and thin; and finally, a soldier is determined, knowing he has to be focused on the task to get the job done.

Mental Health During Covid-19

College Students Life During Covid-19
Mental Health is a growing concern among college students in the age of Covid-19.
Pay attention to your young adults as they try to navigate their independence, adhere to COVID-19 guidelines, attend classes, try to maintain a social life, and connect with family and friends.  As the holiday’s approaches, many students will have to make tough decisions about going home to families with high risk conditions.
Talk with your son or daughter about staying safe physically and emotionally.

Wisdom: You are never alone

Wisdom and Pain

“Wisdom is nothing more than healed pain.” – Robert Gary Lee
“Ouch! That hurt.”

We’ve all uttered those words in our lives. Maybe you said it right after a fall, feeling the pinch of an injection, or if someone said something hurtful. Whatever the cause of your pain, it produced discomfort, and you wanted it to stop.
Pain is a universal experience. No creature on the planet is exempt from feeling it. It’s a biological mechanism that maintains balance in our system, and like an indicator on a dashboard of a car, it lets us know when something isn’t right.

Fearless: The Power of Her

The Power of Her
Mind, Body and Spirit

 I sought the Lord and He answered me and delivered me from every fear Psalm 34                                                                  
We had an awesome Zoom Conference on Saturday, October 31, 2020.  We had over 60 participants eager to hear about Breast Cancer, Domestic Violence, Finance, Nutrition and Covid-19.

Get off the couch

Take a Mental Health Break during Covid-19

Get off the couch and get moving!  In our limited environment due to Covid, we are limited to where we can go.  We cannot visit our parents, grandchildren, or friends.  We are limited in eating out, going to the gym or the movies. Our jobs are in jeopardy or just gone.  Financially, we are operating on a shoestring budget. While there are many things out of our control, we can control our response to life circumstances.  We can do some positive self-talk.

Encourage Yourself

Friday Motivation

Think of changing your mindset like you would change a tire. Charge your battery and put some gas in your tank.  Life is a journey use your GPS to  create your own path. The following quotes can be helpful:

  • If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much. Jim Rohn
  • When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on. Franklin D. Roosevelt                        

Hang in there!

Have you ever felt you were hanging on a limb and you did not know how you got there or how you will get off that limb? To get out of this situation, you have to calm down, breathe slowly, and backtrack. Your super power is to stay calm.  You do not have to answer all of life questions at this point such as why me?  The immediate goal is get off the limb.
1.  Tell yourself that everything is going to be okay.
2.  Breathe.
3.  Stay focused.
4.  Do not look down, around, look up.

Hey Black Child

I Am the Black Child

I am special, ridicule cannot sway me
I am strong, obstacles cannot stop me
I hold my head high, proudly proclaiming my uniqueness
I hold my pace, continuing forward through adversity
I am proud of my heritage
I am confident that I can achieve my every goal.
I am becoming all that I can be
I am the Black Child, I am a Child of God
Mychal Wynn

Back to Nature.

Mindful Breathing

Just imagine being in a field of wildflowers, the sun beaming down on your face and you can breathe the glorious fresh air.   That's therapy.  Get way from the stress of the day.  Do some bird watching; follow a butterfly as it dances from flower to flower sucking in the sweet nectar, listen to the sound of a waterfall or water flowing from a rock filled creek.  Let your mind wonder to the children playing in a park.  Try to remember the childhood games that you played when you were young.