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The Price of Excitement

Posted on July 4, 2014 at 12:59 PM
The Price of Excitement

Often a girl go to school, get an education, settle into her career, become self-sufficient but there is a longing for something exciting.  She pass over the guys that are “nerdy”, speaks proper English, own a belt and uses it, the guy with real potential.  She is attracted to the bad boy who has assessed her assesses, the physical and more importantly, the financial.  He moves into her space so fast, she has not time to breath. He is that take charge guy.  He tells her what to do, he drives her car whiles she’s at work, and he plays rough.  He knows all the right buttons to push to make her think she has found Mr. Right.  When her head tells her to run, her heart is doing the butterfly dance and she’s hooked.  So why does he get the girls?  Women are nurturers, they believe they can fix him.  She looks over his temper, his record, his children that he is not supporting, the job that he cannot find or keep, his infidelity and he becomes her challenge. It can be a wild and adventurous ride if it is at an amusement park, but when she invest her emotions in him, it borders on danger.  As the song by Jerry Butler goes “Only the Strong Survive.” Warning signs of a “Bad Boy” relationship:
1.      He is jealous and extremely possessive.
2.      He speaks negatively about his Ex.
3.      He is disrespectful towards you in private and affectionate in public.
4.      He is self-centered.
5.      He has a negative attitude towards women.
6.      He does not accept responsibility for his behavior.  It’s always someone else fault. 7.      He promises to do better, but his words means nothing.

Thus, be very careful of desiring the perceived excitement of Mr. Right.  He might be just be an empty suit.  The price might be just too high! Take your time.  Give the Nerd another look.  He might be the one that will excite you over time.  He is a keeper! and a provider.

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