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This was a workshop with battered women.  The title was Self-Care.  The women were challenged to do an inventory of where they are and where they want to be. Great discussion.

Let's talk women issues. Relationships, mental health, finance, parenting, etc. 

Clap for kids is an awesome program.  It provides youth with tool to control anger, resolve conflict, improve communication skills and move. Youth learn meditation exercises to reduce stress.

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Pitt County response to preventing and reducing the incidence of trafficking in the county. This network is made up of over 25 agencies.

Human Trafficking Taskforce Meeting.

Women's History Month

Pitt Partners for Health is discussing Mental Health First Aid.  Research is showing that children suffered during the pandemic.  Agencies are collaborating to find help for the youth population.

Say Yes To Covid Research.  This is a great collaboration between Duke University and local community partners. This is providing to be a great opportunity to learn about who needs to be at the table when doing reach, collecting data and most importantly, administering a new drug.

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